OMAN Car Insurance

Oman Insurance Company

Oman insurance company is simply provide top class service in the UAE. Oman insurance premium comparatively higher than other companies but its service is simply top notch that’s why it is the favourite choice of many expats.

Types of car insurance offered by Oman Insurance Company.

Oman insurance offers the below mentioned options

1- Fully comprehensive with agency repair

If your car is not older than three years, Oman insurance offers fully comprehensive insurance with agency repair. Oman insurance do offer policies for all the makes, models and nationalities.

2- Fully comprehensive without agency repair

Oman insurance company is partnered with top garages in the country to offer fully comprehensive policies with repair from high quality garages.

3- Third Party Liability Insurances

Like all companies Oman insurance do offer third party liability policies as well.

What will be covered in my schedule?

A sample of Oman insurance policy with cover details is mentioned below.